Interesting Installation of a New Carl Zeiss Photomicroscope

Brand new Zeiss Primo Star Microscope with Camera
Brand new Zeiss Primo Star Microscope with Camera

Another Update from Under the Lens:

Hi Folks, we had a lot of fun on Tuesday delivering a brand new Zeiss Photo Microscope to a Doctor in Long Beach who is measuring tiny structures inside human kidneys.

Calibrating the Microscope and Camera takes a little doing

The minute structures inside the kidney are called glomeruli.  Many thin sections of the glomeruli are made and then are measured to determine the volume and shape of each glomerulus.  In this way the doctors can evaluate the health of the kidney.  Did you know that wearing your cell phone on your hip could possibly affect the size of your glomeruli because of microwaves from the antenna?

Making sure the Doc understands how to run the new system
Making sure the Doctor knows how to run the new system

We always stay as long as our customer needs us.  A trained customer is a happy one.

A thin section of a small piece of the Kidney showing a peanut shaped glomerulus

What you are looking at is a thin section of kidney showing the large peanut shaped glomerulus with darkly stained nuclei.  This is what the doctor thin sections and measures to evaluate the health of the kidney.  It’s colored blue because it has been stained with a blue dye.



Episode2 – short intro to dino cells under scanning electron microscope

Here’s an update from Under the Lens:
Another (short) episode on Backyard Microscope introducing individual DINOSAUR BONE CELLS on a scanning electron microscope. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and PASS IT ON.
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New Soft Serve Dinosaur Video

Our first episode for our Backyard Microscope YouTube Channel has just been uploaded!
In this episode we will be showing you how to isolate individual DINOSAUR BONE CELLS on microscope slides!!! Yes, you heard correctly… we are using REAL DINOSAUR BONE CELLS!

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One more thing… A Full-Length DVD which describes in detail the tools and supplies needed and every step of the experiment, including how to make the weak acid is also available for a small charge. Email us:

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Welcome to Backyard Microscope

Hi folks and welcome to our blog.  The question:  What do you do with over 30 years of Microscope and Photography experience.  The Answer:  You begin a YouTube Channel, a Blog, and a Facebook Page to “Pay it Forward”.

We are very excited to announce the simultaneous launch of our Backyard Microscope Facebook Page, Backyard Microscope Blog, and Backyard Microscope YouTube Channel.  Follow us and you will discover stunning videos, photographs (like the ones you see here) and experiments (some that we will teach you to do at home with your own microscope!).

A fly wing under fluorescence – Note all the tiny black spines used for lift
Diatoms: Jewels of the Sea
Diatoms: Jewels of the Sea
Bombardier Beetle Spray Nozzle
Bombardier Beetle Spray Nozzles

The backyard team has been busy putting together unique specimens and projects in order to deliver fun, captivating and highly educational science lessons rooted in microscopy.  Our goal is to deliver lessons that will inspire kids and adults alike to go “hunting” in their own backyards for treasures that can be viewed under regular microscopes.







We would love for everyone to be as captivated as we are with the beauty, design and fascination of the microscopic universe. Each lesson will have something fun and wacky as well as something interesting and novel.





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Our first episode on YouTube will feature a full discussion and experiment starring this incredible image.  We are in the final editing stages so stay tuned!!