Breathing Life into Old Working Microscopes

We had fun today calling on a horse breeder’s laboratory and working on his very old (40 years?) Bausch & Lomb compound microscope. The doctor does semen analysis, blood work, and examination for parasites on the animals he cares for so this microscope has been doing some heavy lifting for many years. It is gratifying to see that even a grand old ‘scope like this one can still be serviced professionally by us and come out swinging for more years of service. The design and craftsmanship on these older instruments includes steel and brass on the important wear areas – unlike modern laboratory microscopes, which are made (often in the Orient) with cheap, plastic materials. Such a shame – BUT this is one big reason why it is paramount to have your newer style microscope professionally serviced SEMI-annually (every six months). In this way, misbehaving plastic wear parts can be tracked and corrected before they become a killer problem for your microscope.

If you are in the Southwest and you need help with your Microscope call us Toll Free: 1-800-WOW-MICRO








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