Snazzy Spring Colors

Hi folks! Spring is springing forth and a pine tree near my backyard just seems to be getting greener and greener as the cold nights give way to more balmy temps. Every night on my walk I have been looking at it and asking myself, “what would a cross section of one of those pine needles look like under the microscope?” So here it is – our episode on pine needles and other interesting things about pine trees. I had hoped to do more work using the scanning electron microscope, but each one of the pictures you will see, takes about 20 minutes to take before we can string them together in a “video” series – so like many of the episodes we feature on Backyard Microscope, we will have to revisit the topic in a future episode to add more interesting things. As always we want you to Contact Us! We want to know what you think – what you would like to see because this blog is about you, and delivering to you the unseen world from our backyard to your screen. Help us get more views by subscribing and then passing this on to others who might be interested. But most of all – thanks for reading and watching!


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