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We’re working hard on Episode 3: Microbes!! We plan to investigate different ways to image Microbes under the Microscope. Below you see a picture of a drought tolerant plant called Dusty Miller. Microbes are abundant even on the dry surfaces of this Xerophytic (drought resistant) Plant.


For this experiment remove one leaf from the plant, like this:


Now soak the leaf in a dish filled with distilled water for 6-8 hours. Make sure all leaf surfaces are covered with water. Next, pipette out one or two drops of water directly from the leaf surface.


Place your drops of water on a clean microscope slide, coverslip and examine under the microscope at high (40x objective or higher) magnification. Although for this picture we used a fancy microscope that can do Nomarski contrast you should get some excellent results.


Even the dry surfaces of drought resistant plants are covered in bacterial microbes!!

Episode 3 will be available soon on our YouTube channel at Backyard Microscope. So get your microscopes warmed up and ready to explore microbes and stay tuned.

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      1. Sure will. Your research is some of the best practical Creation Science I’ve come across. One of the best other work was done by Cuzzo on Neanderthals. I know that not everyone agrees with him, but I am a ‘believer’.

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